Lii - 4K (Bass Flo and Ziyal Remix)

by Lii

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This sublime release from Lii (Estonian) is a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance over a chilled out liquid drum and bass production. The song 4K co/written and produced by Kirsty Hawkshaw and UkDoubleA is nothing more than deep. This divine remix from Bass Flo and Ziyal - Inner space meets outer space.


Lii was born and raised in Estonia. As a child she was highly interested in singing, piano and acting which lead to several leading acting roles in her county as a child actress and some top results at local singing competitions. She didn’t find opportunities to develop her love for music as a solo artist so she joined choir and sang as first soprano for five years in children’s choir. She quit that at age of 15 to concentrate on studying to get into top-ranked law university for her country. She met her goal and during her law studies, she discovered music and video making programs, also the website Youtube was newly opened at the time. Lii experimented by singing over her favourite EDM tracks and then posting them up edited in such a way that it looked like she was singing the tracks. Lii’s upload of several such videos resulted in millions of views and high demand for the next Lii lip synch from her new found fans. Her stunning deep blue eyes and unique looks caught their attention.

One day she contacted Kirsty Hawkshaw to ask if she was ok about her upload of ‘walking on clouds’ a track Kirsty had written with DJ Tiesto. Kirsty was at first a little baffled to see another face singing over her record but upon seeing the amount of hits thought it was good promotion and said it was fine as long as she credited her correctly and gave links to her the original vocalist. What also really struck Kirsty was that Lii was Estonian and Kirsty had always had a deep respect for the musical talent there especially one of her favourite classical composers Arvo Part. It was on Kirsty’s bucket list to one day visit Estonia and find a choir there after hearing the stunningly beautiful song Lauliku Lapsepoli on a travelog programme in 1998. Everything about their connection was making a lot of sense.

Eventually they met up in London and became good friends. They met several times in NYC and London, and even started hanging out in Second Life for a while making little Machinima videos, to bridge the long distance between them. Kirsty says “I could see a lot of potential in Lii, and thought it was brave of her to do all her growing up and experimenting publicly and to get such a good reaction just for lip synching was quite interesting. I thought that Lii should find her own voice though and decided to coach her a little and see what was really going on in there, I was amazed to hear she has quite a stunning voice with a nice tone, something that needed to be gently coaxed out. We made a little video in Second Life based on a song that Lii sent me of her singing in the bathroom to a song called Lootus which means hope in Estonian, Kirsty made a video of Lii in the bath ‘virtually’ singing over it it was quite funny and cute.

Their friendship built up during the years slowly and they shared similar views and love for music, healthy lifestyle, travels and caring hearts. While Lii entered the scene of arts again through the internet, she didn’t have much confidence but all the support from other artists and people around the world came easily, so her confidence slowly started to build. She started modelling and doing photoshoots around the world with more than 30 different photographers, wrote and recorded few songs and released on Itunes. She also had a very lucky chance to live in LA and attend the New York Film Academy where she developed her acting skills and loved the experience. For a short period of time she was also able to develop her voice under private tutor who helped her to get out opera soprano sound. Listeners have noted her voice as gentle, angelic and pure.


four thousand miles
is not too far
stay for a while
deep in my heart
now is tomorrow
waiting for you
start to explore
more than you know

four thousand times
lead up my star
stay for a time
keep in my part
bear my own sorrow
blame it on you
found and forgetting

(Estonian Verse)

Koo mulle vaid
yks pesa laev
Ei ole aeg
Iirise laad
Maalin su 6lad
Peidik on uus
Soola sega

words by Kirsty Hawkshaw and Lii


released June 28, 2013
This remix is by Bass Flo and Ziyal. Track written by Lii, DoubleA, Kirsty Hawkshaw



all rights reserved


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